MarkITx is a transparent B2B marketplace to buy, sell & trade used IT equipment.

About MarkITx

MarkITx is an online, transparent and disruptive marketplace for enterprises to purchase, trade and sell used IT products.

We believe the $320 billion secondary IT market is ready for change. Today it’s full of middlemen offering to take your old equipment off your hands for a fraction of what it’s worth. There’s real value being lost, but it’s easy to dismiss if you can’t see it. That’s why we’re building a transparent marketplace that brings together B2B buyers and sellers with OEM-certified refurbishers guaranteeing the equipment is ready to go into production.

Everyone can benefit from the real-time analysis of the market that MarkITx provides. Sellers increase their return on investment, extend their budget for new equipment and predict the best time to refresh their IT infrastructure. Buyers get a fair price, a safe transaction and hardware that has been refurbished by one of our trusted OEM-certified partners. And those partners can use our market tools to bid on profitable projects helping to optimize their plant utilization. If you’re hoping to stretch your hardware budget or monetize old equipment, you’ve landed on the right platform.

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1 E. Wacker Drive Suite 1950
Chicago, IL 60601

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