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Feature Update: Now Serving More Orderly Orders

Our dev team just put the finishing touches on an overhaul of the Orders process. For those new to MarkITx, Orders are messages that communicate the price, quantity, timing and condition of IT gear on the exchange. When you place a bid or make an offer to sell some used equipment, you open a new Order.

The messaging around this process now includes a number of helpful clarity and speed improvements outlined below. As with every feature and function on the site, we know our work is never done. Your input helps shape the exchange so please share your feedback – good and bad (we can handle it) – by sending an email.

Product Detail Page

When available, the MarkITx Price Report is now easy to spot on the individual Product detail pages. If a product has open orders, you can now see the real-time supply and demand directly under the Price Report. All the market intelligence you need in one place!

New Orders

When you find yourself ready to open a new order, the process is as simple as answering a few quick questions. In record time, you’ll be able to let the market know if you’re buying or selling, the quantity, timing and condition of your gear.

Open Orders

Whether you’re managing one or hundreds of open orders, the new list view is now visually scannable, filterable and easy to make changes to several orders with a couple clicks.

Just click on an order to see all the details and make updates.

Simplified Conditions

Before these enhancements, we used to use a confusing letter system to differentiate the various conditions of your hardware. Now, if you’re a seller, you simply let us know what you have – new or used. If you are buying gear, let us know what you want – brand-new or pro-certified gear that has been inspected, refurbished and guaranteed. Nice and easy.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 12.33.24 PM

Simplified Dates

Timing has been streamlined and all orders are now open for two weeks. If you want to stay on the market a little longer, just renew your order.

Planning ahead?
By default, your order goes on the market right away. But what if you’re making plans for future purchases? No problem – just pick your date and we’ll start lining up supply and demand now.

Matched Orders

Our two-sided exchange loves to match orders. Buyers make an offer, sellers ask a price and MarkITx helps bring them together. Now, with this new overhaul, once your order is matched with a buyer or seller, it’s easier to manage the associated shipping, payments and tracking update process.


Last, but certainly not least, we’ve improved the way you pay for orders. The redesign now enables you to keep multiple credit cards and addresses on file for quick checkout. You can now pay via wire transfer, too.

It’s January and we’re only getting started. Watch this blog for many more exciting new enhancements in 2014 or Subscribe to the MarkITx feed and have our news sent to you!