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iPads in the Classroom and Their Continued Growth

When you think about the integration of technology into classrooms it seems like just yesterday when we were referring to the use of big PC desktops, high-tech projectors, and scientific calculators. A few years later and all that has changed. Last quarter Apple reportedly sold 17 million iPads, 1 million of these were to the education market alone. That’s incredible considering the sales are still growing strong for those iPads being implemented into schools this fall.

“The adoption rate of iPad in education is something I’ve never seen from any technology product in history,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. “Usually, education tends to be a fairly conservative institution in terms of buying, or K-12 does, and we’re not seeing that at all on the iPad.” A majority of schools purchased the iPad 2 for $399 (about $100 less than the new iPad). The drop in price point seemed to open up the door to schools, especially those in the K-12 range.

It’s just like a new toy – everyone wants to be the first to own it, hence all the schools jumping on board. The iPad is on its way to becoming an instrumental education device that won’t be going out of style anytime soon. What makes the iPad so perfectly unique is that it’s adaptable to nearly any curriculum with its numerous apps and software which will surely be updated to align closely with teacher’s lessons. Not only are iPads more affordable than most computers and laptops, but they are mobile, allowing students to continue their education and assignments beyond the classroom. A majority of staff members hope this integration will instill a passion for learning in their students as well as help to improve teaching and engagement in general. It’s clear that the use of iPads in the classroom is rapidly increasing and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. For those that haven’t kept up with the recent deploying of iPads, check out some of the schools below:

Burlington High School, MA: 1,000 iPads – wonderful blog, “Learning In Burlington” straight from the school’s Assistant Superintendent himself. Takes a look back at year one after implementing iPads into their school system – great insight.

Cathedral High School, Indianapolis, IN:  900 iPads – “Indy schools issuing iPads to students as they embrace technology” 

East Alton Elementary School, Illinois: 650 iPads will be implemented for it’s 1:1 iPad Student Program. The school will pay Apple $129,000 per year for 4 years and can buy the iPads for $1 after the 4 years are up – “The Latest, Biggest, Baddest iPad Deployments” 

El Paso Public Schools: 7,200 iPads – About a third of a nearly $9.9 million grant will be used to purchase the iPads – “28,000 EPISD students to use iPads in fall”

Farmington Schools: 1,730 iPads – “The iPad is Changing Schools”

Hopi Elementary: 180 iPads – donated to students by the Hopi Dad’s Club – “iPads to usher in new era of education at Hopi Elementary” 

Johnston High School: iPads for every 10th, 11th and 12th grader for a price tag of $1.42 million over three years – “Johnston School Board OKs Concept of iPad for Every High School Student”

Knox Public Schools: 56,000 iPads by 2015 – Every student in all 87 of Knox County’s public schools will have access to an iPad – “The iPad is Changing Schools”

Manhattan Beach Unified School: 75% of students will bring their own Apple tablets, cost of the program’s expansion is said to be about $400,000 – “iPads For All at Rich Manhattan Beach Middle School”

Mansfield High School: 10,600 iPads – every high school student and teacher will get an iPad this fall with a $6.5 million program that was approved – “All Mansfield high schoolers will get an iPad”

McAllen Independent School District: 25,000 iPads – “Meet the District Rolling out 25,000 iPads and iPods”

Regis College: 1,250 ipads – College only has eyes for iPads”

Sandwich High Schools: 450 iPads – School district has purchased 450 iPad 3s at $550 apiece for all freshman and sophomores totaling about $247,500 – “Sandwich High embrace iPad ideal”

San Diego Unified School District: 26,000 iPads – At $370, each iPad 2 costs the district about $30 less than the widespread retail price “San Diego Invests in 26,000 iPads for School District”

Utica High School: 500 iPads – Four-year lease program giving the school an option to purchase the equipment from Apple – “Utica High School students to get iPads”

Valley Center Middle School:  225 iPads – At about $400 apiece, the school is using $350,000 to purchase the new gadgets – “iPads in the Classroom”

Wayland Schools – 1350 iPads – Each iPad will cost the district $379 plus a $35 protective case – “Wayland schools takes the iPad leap this fall”

West Michigan Aviation Academy – 240 iPads – “iPads for all West Michigan Aviation Academy students coming this fall” 

Wyckoff Public Schools – 125 iPads – The district’s cost for each unit is very close to the $500 price point for the average consumer – “Wyckoff Public Schools Receive $50,000 to Enhance iPad Program”

Zeeland Public Schools – 1800 iPads – “iPads in Classroom”