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iPhone 5 Announcement, Before and After Effects

As of 10:00am Wednesday morning, September 12th, prices on third-party sites for turning in an iPhone 4s had not suffered any of the effect of the scheduled iPhone 5 announcement later that day. However, prices were expected to fall following the iPhone 5 release announcement and that’s exactly what has happened. The best time to get rid of your device may have already come and gone, especially considering the significant redesign causing the iPhone 4S value to fall a lot quicker. Aside from everything, Apple announced a considerable drop in price of the iPhone 4s to $99, the iPhone 4 is now free and they have discontinued the 3GS. Check out the prices of the iPhone 4S 16 GB just hours before the iPhone 5 Announcement.

Hours Before iPhone 5 Announcement:

iPhone 4s 16 GB AT&T

Nextworth: $278.00

Gazelle: $277.00

Glyde: $325.00 (Option to “give me $296.00 now”)

Hello Totem: $188.30 – though they did send me an email within 30 minutes, after I didn’t follow through with the sell, offering me 10% more at $207.32 $221.00

Instant Sale (eBay): $300.00

Checking in just a week and a half later on these same sites it’s clear the effects have sunken in for the majority. You can see for yourself where you’ll still get the most value for your phone. So if you’re still on the verge of deciding whether to upgrade to the iPhone 5, now may be the time. Better late than never!

9 Days After iPhone 5 Announcement:

iPhone 4s 16 GB AT&T

Nextworth: $260.00

Gazelle: $240.00

Glyde: $163.00

Hello Totem: $169.47 (Emailed back a half hour later with an offer of $186.42) $123.00

Instant Sale (ebay): $240.00